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  • $150.00

    “We've all heard the stories about that low mileage, well preserved muscle car found in a barn. What if instead of just looking inside the barn, you ventured beyond it, to make the ultimate find. Not just one ... but an entire collection of high performance vintage iron. Sure the paint may be a little faded, or a new set of tires needed, but overall the... “We've all heard the stories about...

  • $1,500.00

    “With Grand Touring I wanted to take the idea of the reflections one step further. In showing the under carriage I hope to give credit to all those car owners that spend so much time restoring and detailing the part of the car which is rarely ever seen. One of the greatest compliments I have received came at the All Ford Nationals. I met someone who had... “With Grand Touring I wanted to take...

  • $400.00

    This incredible barn find set of 2 paintings depicts over 50 cars, including Challengers, Road Runners, Superbirds, Dusters, Cudas and the Little Red Express truck. Famous cars include Swede Savage's Trans Am Racing Cuda, Kowolski's white Challenger, the Bullitt Charger and Sox & Martin drag car. This incredible barn find set of 2...

  • $200.00

    “When I painted They Came With The Farm in 2006, I had no idea that it was just the beginning! I began thinking of a second one that would place the viewer elsewhere on the farm, but decided to try something I’d never seen before, an actual continuation. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, I decided to do it again! Aside from matching the scene, the... “When I painted They Came With The...

  • $500.00

    “I found this painting even more challenging than the first one. In part, because I decided to make it a continuation of the original scene. That meant it had to match up perfectly with “They Came With The Farm,” while being able to stand on its own as well. The next challenge was recreating the same color palette, but having it complement the cars I... “I found this painting even more...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items