Michael's portfolio of art featuring vintage and modern Mopars (Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler) is growing rapidly, and includes Road Runners, Superbirds, GTXs, Challengers, Chargers, Cudas, Daytonas, and more. This 'Mopar' color palette (Hemi Orange, Plum Crazy, etc), which he incorporates into the skies, settings and foliage, brings to life the brilliant hues and tones of these muscle cars. Recent sold out pieces include: "They Came With The Farm", "They Came With The Farm Too" and "They Came With The Farm Free" (aka Mopar dream find). 

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    "Driven by the number of new collectors discovering Michael's art, as well as clients that are without a doubt 'Michael Irvine Fine Art Ambassadors,' we created these kits for the collector that has everything and for the 'new to the lifestyle' enthusiast just starting their collection." — Linda Irvine - Included in each Kit ($172 value): “PENTASTAR... "Driven by the number of new...

Showing 25 - 25 of 25 items