By Series

Whether you're a Mopar collector, Ford enthusiast, or GM lover; like high impact colors or muted tones; prefer landscapes or streetscapes; you're sure to find a piece in one of Michael's distinct series'—some are manufacturer specific, while others feature cars from each of the big three.

By Series 


  • Muscle Car Landscapes

    As Michael said when starting this extremely popular series, "... if you're going to dream, then dream big!" What car collector hasn't dreamed about coming across a forgotten building, field, forest or 'graveyard' of their favorite classics? And to make this dream even bigger and better, there's no rust to be found on any of them! In 'Muscle Car Landscapes', Michael wanted to take the cars off the black top and put them in a more organic setting, allowing him to play with the cast shadows, colorful ground cover and place hidden gems in the grass.

  • Now and Then Series

    This stunning, vibrant series takes us into the surreal imagination of an incredibly creative mind. Wanting to show off both the front and backend of the modern day muscle car and it's classic counterpart, Michael takes reflections to the next level. The challenge for Michael is to create a plausible scene where the impossible reflection appears, but at the same time, does not overpower the rest of the painting. Look closely to discover that the opposite generation is, in fact, the reflection!

  • Reflections of Mopower

    In this series, Michael's incredible imagination brings to life scenes we can only fantasize about: the perfect Charger gathering at the drive-in theatre, more Cudas than we can count at the service station, a Superbird driving into an all Six Pack car show, and the debut release of the new Challenger in 2008. In each of these paintings, it's all about the cars and those amazing reflections. The setting, although key to the story being told, takes a back seat to the cars themselves. Brilliant, stunning and vibrant, this is a truly amazing series.

  • Reflections of Horsepower

    This is the series that started it all. Released over a period of 2 years, the paintings in this series, and the response to them, launched Michael into a fine art career with a focus on muscle and sports cars. With the release of the first Mustang painting in this series, Desert Snakes, people were preordering, sight unseen—there weren't even sketches done yet—the next three pieces in what would become Michael's first series. The rest, as they say, is history!

  • American Blacktop Series

    What at first appears as an eclectic selection of paintings—featuring everything from the Challenger T/A and AAR Cuda, to the Mercury Marauder, Olds 442 W-30 and the 2004 Mach 1—is revealed to be a series of works all geared at taking advantage of the open road. Whether inspired by famous race cars, an annual automotive event, or just the exhilaration of driving fast, Michael captures the speed and excitement of travelling at top speed down the streets and backroads of America.

  • Building Horsepower

    With just the hint of a town or a factory, or maybe the actual plant where the cars were assembled, or a scene capturing the traveling autoshow where you could order your ultimate ride—in each of the paintings in this series, Michael transports us to where these powerful muscle cars were dreamed up, designed and built.

  • Icons of Industry

    The paintings in "Icons of Industry" pay special tribute to the 'movers and shakers' of the car world. People who had the drive to mould the industry, create excitement, push the envelope, and establish themselves, their dealerships, and/or their cars, as leaders in the world of high performance.

  • Racing Legends

    It's the designers, engineers, manufacturers and visionaries, that created the cars that are now a part of our history, and for some, our present. Had it not been for Nascar and Trans Ams racing rules, forcing manufacturers to make a minimum amount available to the public, these incredible cars would not be around today. In this series, Michael wanted to pay tribute to all those that helped create that history, and in turn, played a part in what has become the collector car culture today.

  • Movie Muscle

    From Michael's five favorite car chase movies, to paintings that take a different look at the cars with the star power and the routes that made them famous, this series captures chases from the big (and small) screen. The scenes may be familiar, but the viewpoints have changed, the details enhanced and sometimes, the modern day counterparts included!

  • On The Track

    Speedway, drag strip and proving grounds—in this series of paintings all these locations have one thing in common ... muscle cars! Michael takes you on a parade lap in Nashville, the ultimate carshow at a drag race, and to the testing grounds for the then, newest model muscle car about to be released. This is a great series that combines the possible with the surreal!

  • Above Them All

    The paintings in this series feature cars that are somehow unique, special or historically significant. Playing on the idea of the cars/drivers being "above them all", gave Michael the idea to have the viewpoint taken from above the scene — giving the viewer a perspective they would probably never have a chance to see. The result is a distinctive characteristic of this captivating series — with just a quarter turn, the pieces can be hung either horizontally or vertically . It's automotive fine art you can hang to fit your space. — "Your Art. Your Way."

  • Individual Paintings

    Currently these paintings stand alone ... but one never knows what direction inspiration and creativity will take Michael. Keep checking back to see if one of these unique watercolor paintings has become the starting point for another great series!

  • In the Heartland

    Our everyday vehicles take us places, transport our loved ones, and some put in a hard day's work alongside us. We grew up riding in the back seat, or shotgun, if we were lucky. They hold a special place in our hearts, and to this day, they play an integral part in our lives.