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This is a complete portfolio of all of the paintings that Michael has released to the public in the form of Limited Edition Prints, Artist Proofs with Custom Remarque and Gallery Edition Canvases. Please Note: if the piece is NOT marked "In Stock", and has no "Add to Cart" button, then it is completely Sold Out and no longer available.

Paintings Listed by Name  There are 62 items.

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  • $1,700.00 Available

    “It seemed to me the perfect setting for Thoroughbreds was that of a country ranch. It gave me the opportunity to show these wild horses 'corralled'."- MICHAEL IRVINE “It seemed to me the perfect setting...

  • $170.00 Available

    “For those brave few that enter the unknown, confidence and courage are paramount. To have faith in a car's capabilities is one thing, but to believe in the tires' ability to hold up at over 200 mph on hard salt granules is something completely different. That takes pure guts! Whether during a Nascar race or hitting top speeds on the salt flats, Bobby... “For those brave few that enter the...

Showing 61 - 62 of 62 items