Muscle Car Landscapes

As Michael said when starting this extremely popular series, "... if you're going to dream, then dream big!" What car collector hasn't dreamed about coming across a forgotten building, field, forest or 'graveyard' of their favorite classics? And to make this dream even bigger and better, there's no rust to be found on any of them! In 'Muscle Car Landscapes', Michael wanted to take the cars off the black top and put them in a more organic setting, allowing him to play with the cast shadows, colorful ground cover and place hidden gems in the grass.

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    “When I painted They Came With The Farm in 2006, I had no idea that it was just the beginning! I began thinking of a second one that would place the viewer elsewhere on the farm, but decided to try something I’d never seen before, an actual continuation. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, I decided to do it again! Aside from matching the scene, the... “When I painted They Came With The...

  • “I found this painting even more challenging than the first one. In part, because I decided to make it a continuation of the original scene. That meant it had to match up perfectly with “They Came With The Farm,” while being able to stand on its own as well. The next challenge was recreating the same color palette, but having it complement the cars I... “I found this painting even more...

  • “My idea for this series has been a simple one: if you're going to dream, then dream big! With that in mind, I thought wouldn't it great to have bought a farm, only to discover that you got more than just the land? As the seasons change and the leaves fall from the trees, you see the glimmer of chrome in the distance. Upon further investigation and... “My idea for this series has been a...

Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items