"They Came With The Farm Too"

"They Came With The Farm Too"

“I found this painting even more challenging than the first one. In part, because I decided to make it a continuation of the original scene. That meant it had to match up perfectly with “They Came With The Farm,” while being able to stand on its own as well. The next challenge was recreating the same color palette, but having it complement the cars I chose to include this time. As an artist, I don't want to become stagnant, so I also put the added pressure on myself, of pushing myself to top my last piece. I’m always thinking, “How can I make this painting better than the last one?"- MICHAEL IRVINE

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"They Came With The Farm Too" — More of the Ultimate Mopar Farm Scene

The story of the Mopar dream-find that Michael created in "They Came With The Farm", struck a chord with Mopar enthusiasts around the world. Everyone seemed to find a connection with the painting. The response was amazing. In hearing stories of collections ranging in size from 2 to 400 cars, it became obvious that the story wasn’t complete. The incredible sequel is a continuation of the first painting. Where one scene leaves off, the other begins — making this one of Michael’s most unique and challenging pieces to date. As well as making it a highly collectible set.

Sold in Numbers Matching sets with "They Came With The Farm Free."  Very Limited Availability (Artist Proofs Only).

[ Featured on the cover of Mopar Collectors Guide. ]


ABOUT MICHAEL IRVINE'S REPRODUCTIONS All reproductions are individually hand-signed/hand-numbered by artist Michael Irvine • Accompanied by signed/numbered Certificate(s) of Authenticity • Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs are embossed with Michael's Studio Seal.
Limited Edition Print 22" x 28" — SOLD OUT.
Artist Proof with Single Custom Done-to-Order Remarque 22" x 28" — SOLD OUT.
Artist Proof with Double Custom Done-to-Order Remarques 22" x 28" — SOLD OUT.
Gallery Edition Canvas (All the detail—twice the size!) 36" x 47" — SOLD OUT.
Personalized, Hand-Retouched Gallery Edition Artist Proof on Canvas 36" x 47" — SOLD OUT.
Original Watercolor Painting(s) Sold.

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