Gallery Edition

Hand-Retouched by Artist Michael Irvine
with Custom, Done-to-Order Embellishments 

Michael's Personalized, Hand-Retouched Gallery Edition Artist Proofs on Canvas are a truly rare and unique addition to any collection. Like an original painting, each artist hand-retouched Canvas becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Custom hand-retouches are only available on some of the Gallery Edition Canvases, making them even more exclusive. For each of those, only 5 Artist Proofs are released and Michael personalizes each one with done-to-order modifications.

An artist hand-retouch is an enhancement, alteration or embellishment, by the original artist, on a reproduction of their original work.

Custom hand-retouches are offered exclusively on Michael's Gallery Edition Artist Proofs on Canvas. Twice the size of our other reproductions, Gallery Edition Canvases are printed using the "True Giclée" method — special light-fast archival pigment inks on heavy gauge acid free archival canvas.

Michael embellishes and augments parts of the original scene directly on the Canvas, customizing it for the client. With the use of acrylic paints, Michael is able to add to the existing image, as well as make modifications. The changes Michael incorporates maintain the overall color, tone, theme and flow of the original painting, while creating a real one-of-a-kind piece.

Custom Art work by Michael Irvine

Gallery Edition Canvas Detail  Augmented Gallery Edition Canvas
Gallery Edition Canvas before Customization  Custom Personalized Retouched Gallery Edition Canvas

Own a custom personalized work of art — a Hand-Retouched Gallery Edition Artist Proof on Canvas by Michael Irvine.

Examples of retouches are having Michael include your car, or adding signage and license plates. Multiple augmentations may be possible, depending on the piece, at an additional cost.

Once completed, your customized Canvas is coated with a special water-resistant protectant that has a UV component, giving it a flawless finish, and is gallery wrapped (stretched) on a hardwood frame. It is then hand-titled, hand-numbered and hand-signed by Michael himself.

Custom Art work by Michael Irvine

Mopar Barn non-customized  Mopar Barn with Road Runner Bird Signage
Shelby Canvas original  Shelby Canvas with Hot Rod Customization

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Shown are areas of the following Gallery Edition Artist Proofs on Canvas, before and after Michael's modifications (clockwise staring at the top left): "They Came With The Farm Too", "They Came With The Farm Free", "Snakin' Through the Snow" and "Battle On The High Bank".