Original Watercolor Paintings

From the Creative and Surreal Imagination of Artist Michael Irvine

Described by many as 'living art', Michael’s paintings take you on an incredible journey of discovery as you explore his unique, high impact creations. Pulling on inspiration from the world around him—brilliant skies, incredible sunsets, amazing landscapes, memorable movies, and more—each work of art tells a story, giving you a glimpse into the surreal, creative imagination of one of North America’s top artists.

Vibrant. Imaginative. Compelling.

Independent from many other artists today, Michael’s work is created without the aid of technology—each piece is entirely hand-drawn and hand-painted in watercolor. Using photographs for technical reference only, Michael's paintings are not photo replicas, but wholly his own creation. From his imagination and original concept to sketchbook to custom mixed colors masterfully blended on a cold pressed watercolor board, each painting delivers an authenticity unique to Michael's style.

Hand-drawn hand-painted - tools of the trade

As a full time artist, Michael releases only 3 to 4 works a year. The hundreds of hours spent on each painting are visible in the subtle details alone. Being a difficult, sometimes tedious, and often unforgiving medium to work with, watercolor requires time, patience and extensive planning as the translucent paint offers little room for errors and no room for do-overs. Each painting begins with multiple sketches, tonal and color studies, and hours of research. Yet another layer of complexity is added when you realize how far Michael goes to provide technical accuracy in his work—year, make, model, color, options, wheels and tires take no backseat—to the aesthetic beauty of each composition when Michael is creating a finished piece to be enjoyed by art lovers and true car enthusiasts alike.

Though his talent is expansive, Michael’s genuine passion has always been for the automobile. With an impressive portfolio spanning from wildlife art to landscape paintings and architectural illustration, Michael has an eye for design, detail and composition that goes beyond the ordinary. His ability to create and tell a story revolving around our cars, both past and present, through his art is second to none.   

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Original paintings are professionally framed and shipped ready to hang. For information and availability on a particular original watercolor painting, please visit the painting's page [see top menu bar]. Please contact Linda Irvine at the Studio to discuss adding a Michael Irvine original to your collection.