REFLECTIONS OF HORSEPOWER: Silver Anniversary | Commemorative Collector Edition

REFLECTIONS OF HORSEPOWER Silver Anniversary Commemorative Collector Edition

“2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the inaugural release of Michael’s first automotive fine art painting ... I thought what a great idea to release a limited, signed (by Michael) Silver Anniversary Commemorative Collector Edition publication. I wanted to surprise him, so I created the prototype on the sly! He loved it and added to it. Michael's personal contributions make the book even more special.- LINDA IRVINE

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25 Years. 56 Paintings. One Commemorative Edition.

I enjoyed Micheal's stories and learning about the journey you have been on to promote his incredible works of art. He is an amazing artist with a passionate vision for the "automobile" subject matter he paints. I was completely captivated by the concept, attention to detail, and his impressive interpretation shown in each piece of art. — Doug Volker - Pinstripes® fine jewelry collection 

Now you can have all the stories for the art you've been collecting in one handy publication. A casual and easy read, this signed and numbered Commemorative Edition has write-ups and quotes by Michael for each of his first 56 automotive fine art releases. You'll not only discover a bit of background history on how Michael got his start as a watercolorist and fine artist, but you'll also read a little about the creative process from the artist himself.

Some of the goodies you'll find inside:

  •  Michael's story
  •  how it all began
  •  the series that started it all
  •  feature magazine covers
  •  what it's like to paint in watercolor
  •  a bit about our collectors
  •  painting release date timeline
  •  officially licensed accessories
      and more ...


Commemorative Collector Edition 8 ½ x 11" - Soft cover. 93 pages. Limited to 800. Each book is hand-signed and numbered by Michael on the 'Signature of Authenticity' page (inside front cover). Embossed with Michael's Studio Seal. Comes in an archival acid free protective sleeve.
Choice of available number, just like on the art! Indicate top 2-3 choices below (eg #200/800). Last 3 digits of VIN numbers are popular. Match the Limited Edition Prints, Artist Proofs or Gallery Edition Canvases in your collection.
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