About Framing Your Art

How you choose to frame your art is a personal thing. Most professional framers have a variety of frames and mattes available. Your framer can help you decide on the best frame and matte to suit your print or artist proof, decor and budget. We ship Michael's prints and artist proofs rolled in a poly sleeve in a hard-walled cardboard tube. Your framer will flatten your print before framing.

  1. Your print was shipped rolled. Our framer advises that a quick press in the dry mount press straightens everything out, without damaging the print, signature or embossing. Alternately, your framer may choose to straighten your print by weighting it — this is what our framer prefers.
  2. Regular glass is acceptable and the most economic.
  3. UV glass is recommended to protect the print from fading when the print is being hung in a bright room.
  4. DO NOT hang your print in direct sunlight.
  5. Non-glare glass is available. It does cut down light reflections, but also cuts down on the brightness and clarity of the print.
  6. Ask for museum grade acid free matte(s) and backing. The acids in the materials used can, and will, damage art over time.
  7. If your print was accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, have it mounted to the framed print's backing in an envelope.